Aspirion Rated a Top Performer in First-Ever Complex Claims KLAS Report

by | May 21, 2020

KLAS recognizes Aspirion’s high-performing complex revenue cycle management solutions

Aspirion, an industry-leading provider of complex claims management services, scored a 93.1 in the KLAS report for complex claims published May 12, 2020. This year is the first time the complex claims category has been reviewed by KLAS.

KLAS Customer Experience Pillars

KLAS Customer Experience Pillars

“We’re honored to be recognized among industry leaders,” says Aspirion CEO Jason Erdell. “While I have been associated with many KLAS-reviewed organizations, our 93.1 is the highest rating I have experienced. We are grateful that our clients view our service performance among that of an elite group of admired industry leaders.”

Each year KLAS interviews thousands of healthcare professionals to produce vendor performance reviews. As complex claims become increasingly critical to healthcare reimbursement, hospital systems are more frequently enlisting partners that specialize in these unique and complicated claims. KLAS’s recognition of this dynamic was foundational to creating this new KLAS category.

Aspirion earned scores higher than 90 in all five KLAS Customer Experience Pillars and was the top fully-rated partner in complex claims’ quality/strategy matrix.

“We are committed to listening to and learning from our clients in order to fine-tune our current support and to enhance our ever-expanding technology roadmap,” says Erdell. “Our KLAS reviews suggest that our clients recognize and appreciate our intense focus on innovation and continuous improvement. We are resolute in our belief that, as we remain committed to enhance our infrastructure, we will produce better results and even higher client satisfaction.”

About Aspirion

Aspirion helps hospitals and physicians recover otherwise lost claims revenue from motor vehicle accidents, workers compensation, the Veteran’s Administration, and Tricare as well as out-of-state Medicaid, Medicaid eligibility, underpayments and denials. Aspirion’s experienced team of healthcare, legal, and technical professionals combined with industry-leading technology platforms help ensure that providers receive their Complex RCM revenue so that providers, hospitals, and their staff can focus on patient care.