What We Do

Aspirion Health is dedicated to help hospital systems and other providers recover reimbursement revenue.  We focus on obtaining as much revenue as we can for our clients’ most problematic claims, specifically:

  • Complex Claims including Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA), Workers’ Compensation, Veterans Administration claims (VA), and Tricare claims, among others
  • Denials
  • Underpayments
  • Medicaid Services including Eligibility and Enrollment (E&E) and Out-of-State Medicaid claims

Collectively providers consistently articulate these claims as the hardest for which to receive reimbursement…but for us, this is all we do.  Our proprietary technology, well-trained team, and industry-leading approaches consistently produce significantly better results for our clients than they could achieve on their own or with the help of a less sophisticated partner.  We have a presence in nearly every state, which makes Aspirion one of the largest national players in our industry.

Our broad team with significant legal experience bring uncommon expertise to help providers obtain reimbursements that they are unlikely to achieve on their own.  Further, we are committed to training provider organizations to obtain key elements of information from patients at the point of patient access.  This provides the foundation for us to more successfully acquire the reimbursements that our providers deserve.  From there each claim is managed by a highly trained and specialized case manager.  Throughout, we provide reporting to our provider organizations so they can understand the speed and efficiency through which their claims are advancing.

Finally, we are patient advocates.  We feel strongly that our benefit is to not only to help our providers, but also the patients they serve.  As such and unlike many other organizations that work these complex claims, we never attempt to collect patient obligation.   Providers can feel comfortable that our interactions with their patients are focused on finding alternatives to patient resources.  We improve the patient experience by reducing what otherwise might be obligation for them to cover their own healthcare expenses.

Let us show you how Aspirion Health Resources can grow your reimbursement revenue.