Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aspirion Health Services?

Aspirion helps hospitals and hospital systems recover otherwise lost revenue resulting from motor vehicle accidents, workers compensation, underpayments and denials.  We have a full team of legal and hospital professionals and proprietary systems that allow us to dig far deeper in pursuit revenue rightly due our clients.

How does it work?

There are a lot of variables in every hospital visit and claim for reimbursement.  We know avenues to pursue that are easily and often overlooked.  Aspirion also works closely with our client hospitals to train their staff in best practices that help to maximize reimbursement revenue.

What does it cost?

The best part is that we don’t get paid unless our clients get paid.  All of our efforts and training is at our expense and we take a contingency fee based on revenue recovered.  No painful budget items for legal fees.

What if we already have an internal claims staff?

Aspirion works collaboratively with in-house experts and helps to improve the rate of revenue recovery.

What kind of commitment is required?

We have clients who engage us in trial situations.  Often these are the most difficult cases and virtually everyone who gives us a chance to show our results ends up giving Aspirion all of their revenue recovery business.  We are confident in our model and happy to show success on a project basis.

What geography do you cover?

Aspirion Health Services helps client hospitals across the country.

Is there a minimum or maximum size client Aspirion can handle?

No.  We have individual local hospitals and large hospital systems as clients and they all get first-class service.  Each claim is managed directly by one of our client representatives who have extensive tools available for helping recover lost revenue.

How do clients keep track of claims and progress?

Our systems operate in real time and client representatives are trained to keep all activity current.  This means that our client revenue managers can track progress on claims and communicate back to us as necessary.