Aspirion Welcomes Greg Shorten as Chief Client Officer

In its continued mission to enhance its industry-leading complex revenue cycle management solutions, Aspirion has hired Greg Shorten for the newly created Chief Client Officer position. In this role, Shorten will lead Aspirion’s Client Success, Sales and Marketing Teams. Shorten’s priorities include continually improving client experience, translating client feedback into better processes/technology and increasing adoption among those who could benefit from Aspirion’s solutions.

Filing hospital liens can enhance the patient experience

While hospitals have long pursued liens as a method of increasing cash collections, did you know that processing liens, when done thoughtfully, should improve your patient experience? When a patient has been a victim to another’s negligence, he/she commonly does not understand that the responsible party’s insurance won’t pay medical bills as they are incurred. Fortunately, proceeds should arrive upon final settlement, but this can take months or even years, in some situations. With no other means for immediate collection, many hospitals will place patient bills into default and pursue collections.

Decreasing SSA Disability approvals are negatively impacting provider financials

Disability is a lengthy and arduous process; waiting on a case to be determined by the Social Security Administration (SSA) for disability can be a daunting experience. Claimants are commonly faced with medical issues, mounting medical bills, and little to no income. 67% of applications are denied after the initial claim; reconsiderations are denied at an even higher rate, 87%. Of the denials, a significant number of cases appeal and are reviewed by the Appeals Council for an Administrative Law Judge decision. This process takes at least 18 months and can take as long as 24-36 months.

Courts rule that VA should pay as secondary on Emergent Claims

On September 9, 2019, the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims invalidated federal regulations related to reimbursement of a Veteran’s cost of emergency medical care at non-VA facilities. Specifically, the Court held that the VA must reimburse Veterans for out-of-pocket emergency medical expenses not covered by the Veteran’s health insurance contract (e.g., deductible and coinsurance amounts).

Aspirion Health Resources Announces Combination with Specialized Healthcare Partners

Aspirion Health Resources (“Aspirion” or “the Company”), a technology-enabled revenue cycle management healthcare company, announced today that it has combined with Specialized Healthcare Partners L.L.C. (“SHP”), a healthcare company focused on resolving denied and complex claims for healthcare providers. SHP provides a highly complementary service line extension with the addition of denials to the Aspirion platform, supplements its leadership position in complex claims, and adds over 200 hospital clients nationwide.

Aspirion Health Resources Announces Combination with HRS ERASE to Form New Revenue Cycle Management Platform

Aspirion Health Resources, a tech-enabled revenue cycle management company, announced today that it will combine with HRS ERASE, a revenue cycle management company focused on providing Medicaid eligibility, workers’ compensation (WC), and out-of-state Medicaid (OSM) services to healthcare providers. This transaction will provide complementary solutions to each companies’ client base and advance the combined company’s goal of becoming the national leader in complex claims revenue cycle management (RCM) through continued growth and acquisitions.