Aspirion Benefit Solutions Proposal for Services to HOSPITAL

Executive Summary

In today’s Healthcare environment, we acknowledge that change is here to stay because of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). While the changes cover a broad spectrum of issues affecting healthcare providers from the clinical side as well as the financial side, industry analysts are stating that Healthcare is in a state of “radical transformation.” Furthermore, in order to make the transition, Providers will have to do more with less while focusing on new potential revenues.

Our Benefit Solution is targeted to affect positive change in reducing the uninsured / self-pay patient population of HOSPITAL and the community as a whole. Aspirion Benefit Solutions (ABS) is offering to be a single solution to HOSPITAL and manage this segment of the patient population ultimately transitioning every patient possible from “uninsured” to “insured.” Our success in managing this patient population also transitions HOSPITAL’ billed charges from “write off” to “revenue.”

In summary, ABS will process all patients of HOSPITAL who do not have health care coverage in place and work in conjunction with our insurance partners utilizing the Federal Insurance Exchanges process to find affordable coverage in every possible case.

Value Propositions

Hospital’s Perspective

  • HOSPITAL refers all self-pay patients to ABS to coordinate all possible benefits available including the benefits available from the Federal Exchanges
  • Transitioning the overall community into an insured population
  • Dramatic reduction in self-pay encounters
  • HOSPITAL Patient Financial Services personnel remain devoted to the areas that already produces revenue for the hospital without having to become knowledgeable and functional in the myriad of Federal Regulations and Guidelines necessary to insure self-pay patients with the Federal Exchanges
  • Greatly increase the hospital’s reputation as a community benefactor seeking to provide everyone with coverage
  • Greatly increase goodwill in the physician community

Physician’s perspective

  • Physicians will now have access to new insured patient populations that would not have treated previously
  • They can now  provide in office care reducing ETC visits
  • Physicians will align with HOSPITAL in this effort as a result of the benefit to their practice and enhanced status in the community

Community Impact

  • HOSPITAL can serve as a Community Leader in educating the public about “affordable insurance coverage”
  • HOSPITAL can use its communication and marketing infrastructure already in place to provide this information out to the public
  • HOSPITAL serves the community by decreasing the “uninsured” population in the region.
  • HOSPITAL offers the community with a One Stop  Service to assist them in every step of the process

In the following pages we will provide you with an overview of the operational processes supporting ABS. We also provide an overview of the Insurance Exchanges and specific information relating to Georgia.