Eligibility and Enrollment Services

Eligibility & Enrollment

Medicaid Eligibility and Enrollment

Aspirion offers Eligibility & Enrollment (E&E) services that primarily focus on inpatient and outpatient Medicaid eligibility and enrollment. We commonly staff on-site at hospitals and in emergency departments, if applicable. We further pursue Medicaid E&E post discharge in instances where we do not staff the hospital or when clients choose our off-site model.

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Beyond traditional Medicaid E&E, Aspirion also supports:

  • County Indigent Program
  • Railroad Retirement Benefits
  • Crime Victim’s Assistance
  • Disability through the Social Security Administration (SSI & SSDI)
  • Disabled Widower’s Benefits
  • Accelerated Programs for Disability Approval including TERI Applications, Compassionate Allowances, Presumptive Disability, and COBRA
  • Veterans’ Benefits
  • Indian Health Services
  • Expedited Medicare