Managed Care Resolution

Aspirion’s management has many decades of combined experience managing difficult claims, managed care agreements, refunds and denials. Many issues begin from poorly crafted agreements to other technical provisions being overlooked or compliance. If you are experiencing claims processing problems, Aspirion can assist in managing any number of claim issues, disputes and processes.

Aspirion Benefit Solutions

Aspirion Benefit Solutions is a comprehensive approach to managing your health plan for your employees. We work with both self-funded and fully insured groups. Aspirion offers innovative solutions including doctors on demand, powered by MD Live, to provide video and telephonic healthcare and prescriptions online. We also offer employee health monitoring for employees suffering certain illnesses to prevent major claims. Please contact us for a demonstration of all of these options and quotes.

Affordable Care Act

Is your hospital experiencing providing a large portion of your clinical services to uninsured patients? Would you like to assist the indigent and uninsured into becoming insured? Aspirion has options for you through the Affordable Care Act. We manage and assist patients through the myriad sign up processes. Often times the patients receive large subsidies, which fund most of their health premiums reducing your hospital’s share of uncompensated care. Please contact us if you would like to see your number of insured patients increase and uninsured patients decrease.