MVA Program

Many automobile accident patients get classified as “self-pay” when there is often coverage available on an automobile insurance policy that could pay at 100% of billed charges. This coverage is primary to any other commercial health or governmental insurance and usually provides a much higher recovery.

  • MVA claims are transferred to us electronically upon discharge
  • We investigate all potential coverage areas
    • First party Auto
      • Medical Payments
      • PIP
    • Health Insurance
    • Auto Liability Insurance
      • Lien filed if appropriate
        • Attorneys on staff to manage them appropriately
      • Letter of Protection obtained if lien is prohibited.
    • If no coverage is available or has been exhausted, we obtain verification to the hospital so that claim can be filed with health insurance with proof that coordination of benefits has been attempted.
    • If coverage is verified, we file the claim and follow up to ensure payment to the hospital.
    • Our fees are invoiced bi-monthly after payment has been received by the hospital and funds posted to the patient’s account.