Workers Compensation Claims

Workers Compensation can be a difficult area for hospitals to impact. Large claims are frequently disputed and quite often when they are resolved in a manner so that no payment is made to the hospital. Very few medical providers take steps to force the payment of penalties and interest when claims are paid untimely.

We can assist your hospital in obtaining appropriate reimbursement for workers’ compensation claims. You can outsource all of your workers’ compensation claims, like several of our smaller facilities have chosen to do, or you can send us select claims based on the dollar amount or payment status.

  • We obtain the necessary paperwork to submit the clean claim and follow up to confirm receipt.
  • If claim is denied or controverted, our attorneys can represent the hospital as a party in the claim to make sure payment is received if a compromise settlement is reached.
  • We pursue penalties and interest whenever appropriate.
  • We can provide training to hospital staff on approval processes for non-emergency claims.