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Why Aspirion? What Sets Us Apart

At Aspirion, we continually prove there’s a better way to tackle Complex Revenue Cycle Management. For over two decades, our laser-focus on innovation has significantly bolstered revenue recovery for our hospital, health system, physician group, and emergency services provider clients.


We have better skilled resources

We believe our people are key to Aspirion’s excellence. Our team—comprised of over 100 attorneys, credentialed clinical review nurses, certified coders, and claims analysts—is uniquely advantaged to support our client partners.

From our concentrated attention on protocol setting, performance measures and training, to our data-driven best practices—we drive your revenue recovery efforts to ensure you are compensated for the care you provide.

“Aspirion is fantastic. They are subject matter experts, and they do a really good job. Their attorneys have a strategy for health plans. Aspirion offers a niche service with a ton of healthcare attorneys who know exactly how to go after payers with minimal effort or involvement from the provider. The vendor’s people know what they are doing. We get paid for the services that they deliver. We see substantial outcomes because Aspirion is able to overturn denials. That is fantastic. I am very likely to recommend Aspirion to others.”
Hospital Executive, Aspirion Client Partner

Source: KLAS Research Aspirion Client Commentary

“Clearly, the work that the firm is doing for us is far above what I have seen from other vendors in the space. Aspirion has expertise. I like their approach to complex claims using attorneys to argue very specific contract language, and I like their business model.”
Hospital Executive, Aspirion Client Partner

Source: KLAS Research Aspirion Client Commentary

We invest heavily in innovative technologies

Our vision is to offer industry-leading innovation that drives consistently better results. We invest heavily in structured data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to deliver superior results. Our business intelligence platform, Aspirion Intelligence, demonstrates our dedication to address revenue cycle complexities through innovation.

While others “manage” claims, we are committed to “learn” from claims. That’s why our premium services consistently outperform those of our competitors.

We are patient advocates

One of our core values is to “help the patient.” When we connect with your patients, we can credibly express that we are engaging on your behalf. We treat patients as if they were our patients. 

We forge better patient relationships by proactively educating patients so they understand the complicated processes and terms of healthcare. We never request payment from patients. 

“Aspirion is probably one of the most partner-based vendors we run into in the industry. I don’t usually give out high scores, but the vendor support people are pretty impressive. They know things. The vendor is a resource for us in clinical-based denial trending and management. I call Aspirion, and they tell me what is happening in the industry and why. Aspirion can often predict how payers will behave.”
Hospital Executive, Aspirion Client Partner

Source: KLAS Research Aspirion Client Commentary

“Aspirion provides really great education to our teams. The vendor not only manages our clinical-based denials but also has built tools and templates to provide education to our team. We actually send the vendor less work because they have made us more effective. The vendor provides a really unique perspective on how to manage payers holistically, not just at the individual clinical denial level.”
Hospital Director, Aspirion Client Partner

Source: KLAS Research Aspirion Client Commentary

We make our clients better

Did you know that a significant portion of reimbursement leakage occurs during initial patient registration?

Since Aspirion is highly skilled across the entire system of reimbursement, we educate and train patient access teams to collect specific information early in the process to facilitate improved reimbursement.

We work every claim

Some of our competitors pick only the easiest claims to work or those tied to the largest reimbursements. They offer seemingly great value with low contingency rates, but commonly leave a significant amount of reimbursement unrecovered.

Our commitment to you is to recover all earned revenue possible. If a claim is truly ‘uncollectible,’ we aspire to return it to you as soon as possible. With support from our proprietary technology, we are constantly innovating to deliver premium services that are accessible to all healthcare providers—no matter the size.

“Aspirion is consistent across the board. They are very good. Whatever they do, they do very well. They provide excellent outcomes and also provide us information. Even if something is not a good outcome, Aspirion lets us know so that we can get it off the books, close out the account, or do whatever the next step is for the account. I would fight to keep Aspirion.”
Hospital Director, Aspirion Client Partner

Source: KLAS Research Aspirion Client Commentary

 Our Extensive Nationwide Knowledge and Experience Shows

With clients in 45 states representing over 600 hospital, health system, physician group, and emergency services providers, we have one of the broadest Complex RCM footprints in the country. Our extensive knowledge and experience has led to over $3.5B in revenue recovery for our provider clients.

Our mission is to be our providers’ trusted partner to optimize otherwise challenging reimbursements.

Our Vision is to

  • Consistently demonstrate better client results
  • Utilize industry-leading innovation to drive order from chaos
  • Become a recognized thought leader for complex reimbursement
  • Create a coveted community that inspires our people to achieve their best

Our Six Core Values are

  1. Think big, start small, move fast
    We foster a working environment that promotes rapid experimentation and innovation.
  2. Do the right thing
    We always act from a basis of integrity for our clients, their patients, and our people.
  3. Be your client
    Fully empathize with our clients’ missions and consistently do what is best for them.
  4. Help the patient
    We have a responsibility to treat our clients’ patients with the same respect and caring as do they.
  5. Choose responsibility
    Enter situations with a belief you can help, a bias for resolution, and avoid a victim’s mindset.
  6. Support each other
    Accept accountability for and positively contribute to our community of support and respect for our fellow employees.