The Smartest Way To Recover Your Most Challenging Reimbursements

For over two decades, Aspirion has helped healthcare providers maximize their hospital revenue recovery by focusing on their most challenging reimbursements.

Our unparalleled commitment to technological innovation and experienced team—150+ attorneys/legal professionals, 65+ clinicians, and other top healthcare professionals—make complex revenue cycle management smarter.




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Complex Revenue Cycle Management Is All We Do

Revenue Integrity
  • Denials Resolution & Prevention including Day 1, Safety Net, and Discretionary denials as well as Underpayment Recovery, and Aged AR claims.
Complex Claims   
  • Day 1 claims involving non-traditional payers including Motor Vehicle Accident, Workers’ Compensation, Veterans Affairs /  TRICARE, and Out-of-State Medicaid claims.

Let’s Be Great Together

We believe revenue cycle management should be smart, straightforward, and collaborative.

That’s why we’re continuously making meaningful investments in contemporary technology and human intelligence. We combine industry-leading innovation and healthcare leadership to move the complex revenue cycle forward.

With Aspirion, healthcare providers can focus on improving the lives of the people they serve, instead of always worrying about their bottom line.

What are you waiting for? Let’s be great together.
Manual Processing
Structured Data
Cloud Computing
Proprietary Knowledge Application
Business Intelligence
Data Security
Artificial Intelligence (AI) + Machine Learning (ML)
Robotic Process Application (RPA)

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