Aspirion Rated a Top Performer in First-Ever Complex Claims KLAS Report

Aspirion, an industry-leading provider of complex claims management services, scored a 93.1 in the KLAS report for complex claims published May 12, 2020. This year is the first time the complex claims category has been reviewed by KLAS.

Aspirion Health Resources Announces Combination with Liberty Billing & Consulting Services, Inc.

Aspirion Health Resources has combined with Liberty Billing & Consulting Services, Inc. (“Liberty”), a healthcare organization focused on solving complex claims challenges for hospitals in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania markets.

Thank You

…to those who care for us when we need you most
…to those who see us at our worst and are there to help
…to those who disregard the personal risk of your dedication
…to those who may not deliver direct care, but who make care possible

We trust our lives and those of who we love most to heroes we might otherwise refer to as “strangers,” but you care for us as though we are family. Thanks for all you do, now more than ever.

Complex RCM is ALL we do

  • Complex Claims
    Day 1 claims involving non-traditional payers
  • Aging AR
    Day 30+ claims usually involving traditional payers, but have been stalled, underpaid, or denied
  • Patient Support
    Services to find alternative payer sources to patients (e.g., Medicaid) or otherwise help patients understand their obligations (not patient collections)




Typical Client-Realized Collections Increase


In Client Recoveries

Complex RCM Intelligence: Premium services for complex claims and denials

Aspirion is committed to offering premium services in the areas of complex claims and denials. Core to our premium services is our contemporary and proprietary technology platform comprised of industry-leading applications, security, and business intelligence – all of which are architected specifically to the services we offer.

As Aspirion continues to make meaningful investments to our proprietary platform, we further invest in human intelligence. We do this by hiring top talent with relevant degrees and by utilizing our proprietary knowledge application for training and coaching.