Denials Resolution & Prevention

Capture earned revenue through effective denials management and prevention

Overturn Denials Through End-to-End Support

With claims denials becoming increasingly complex, healthcare providers are finding their hands full—many lack the resources, time, and expertise necessary to tackle this challenging work.

Whether support is needed the instant a payer denies a claim, or claims requiring specialized support, our team—150+ attorneys/legal professionals, 65+ clinicians, and 900+ claims specialists—is ready to grow your bottom line while preventing future denials.

Aspirion's Services

Focused and forward-looking

Ranked Best in KLAS, our end-to-end denial services incorporate every facet of commercial and government payer denials, including clinical and technical.

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Our Focus

End-to-End Denials Management

How much revenue is your hospital leaving on the table?

Day 1 Denials

From day 1, the instant a payer denies a claim, we receive an automatic notification and go right to work. Our experts handle everything—alleviating your internal staff from the burden of detailed medical knowledge required to manage claims denied for clinical reasons.

Safety Net Denials

We'll be your safety net for claims that don't get paid after a specified amount of time or for certain payers your team chooses not to handle. You customize the account scenarios that would automatically trigger our help, and we'd take it from there.

Discretionary Denials

You may already have a team in place but sometimes you'll need extra help. You have the flexibility to choose which claims you'd like us to manage. It may be specific payer denials or other complex cases—it’s at your discretion.

Our Approach

Specialized Expertise

Our highly-skilled in-house team of legal,  clinical, and coding resources offer an in-depth understanding of all federal and state regulations, requirements, and both case law and clinical interpretations.

Flexible & Scalable

Whether support is needed the instant a payer denies a claim or anything subsequent, our support scales to your specific needs. And, with our contingency-based model we only get paid when you get paid.

Innovative Technology

The premium results we deliver are driven by our innovative artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and robotic process automation (RPA) technologies that enable us to improve workflow process and time to resolution.

Tech-Enabled Workflow

Our team streamlines complex reimbursements using our cloud-based proprietary platform that helps decode trends into insights and enhances the patient experience by offering more convenient ways to gather patient information.

Dedicated Account Management

As our client, you’ll be supported by a dedicated client success manager who delivers tailored team support including implementation, ongoing training, strategic guidance, and performance reporting.

24-7 Performance Visibility

Our clients gain clear, actionable insights through our Aspirion Intelligence client portal, including 24-7 visibility into claims volume, collections volume, as well as collection timeliness.

Denials Management is only half of the story

At Aspirion, we focus not only on managing denials, but preventing them. We do this by:

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Analyzing root causes to identify where denials occurred.

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Gathering and analyzing data to determine whether denials are an exception or a trend.

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Fostering collaboration between healthcare revenue cycle management team and payers to improve processes.

We have an incredible rate with Aspirion. The firm definitely doesn’t nickel-and-dime us for anything. The rate is simply the percentage that I have negotiated. Aspirion’s rate is the best and lowest percentage rate of all of our other vendors.

Aspirion has done an incredible job for us. If the firm were to ask to use me as a reference, I certainly would be happy to do that for them. I could not say a bad thing about Aspirion.

Aspirion Denials Management Client

VP/Other Executive (Source: KLAS Research Client Commentary)

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Aspirion is proud to have been named 2024 Best in KLAS for Denials Management Services.

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