What sets Aspirion apart?

The biggest advantage to utilizing a complex claims and denials partner is the focus they have for these complex reimbursements. As talented as our clients’ revenue cycle teams may be, they are not commonly equipped with the same approaches, technologies, and extreme focus that we have in these very specialized claims. As such, most hospitals, physician groups, and systems collect only a fraction of their owed reimbursement.

So, we highly recommend finding a partner for help…but, what sets Aspirion apart from the others?

We have better-skilled resources

We believe that we have more in-depth industry knowledge and expertise than most. We have an intense focus on protocol setting, performance measures, and training. We even have a proprietary knowledge application that shares best practices with our internal staff. In short, our employees are uniquely advantaged to support our clients better. Further, we retain highly skilled staff; for example, we have over 85 attorneys and 12 clinicians on staff.

We invest heavily in contemporary technologies

Our vision is to offer industry-leading innovation and to provide consistently better results than our competition. In short, we offer premium solutions that consistently outperform those of our competitors. We invest heavily in structured data, machine learning, and business intellegence to produce consistently superior results. While others “process” claims, we have a commitment to “learn” from claims.

Unlike many of our competitors, we never attempt to collect money from the patient

In fact, one of our core values is to “help the patient.” As such, if we need to connect with your patients, we can credibly express that we are acting with you on their behalf.

We make our clients better

We are focused on the entire system of reimbursement which includes functions most commonly retained by our clients. Did you know that a very significant portion of reimbursement leakage occurs during initial patient registration? We train your patient access teams to collect information early in the process that will help facilitate improved reimbursement. Moreover, we provide education and thought leadership to our clients and to the industry by producing unique and novel insights to improve results.

We work EVERY claim we take

Some competitors pick only the easiest to work claims or those tied to largest reimbursements. They offer seemingly great value with low contingency rates; but they commonly leave a significant amount of reimbursement left unrecovered. Our commitment is to get you everything we can. If a claim truly is uncollectible we aspire to return it to you as soon as possible - our proprietary technology is increasingly supporting this approach. 

Where we operate

We have one of the broadest Complex RCM footprints is the US, with clients in 41 of the 50 states and growing…

Our Leaders

Jason Erdell

Chief Executive Officer

Lori Lipocky

President and GM Complex Claims

Patrick Lutz

Co-President and GM Denials

Tracy Lutz

Co-President and GM Denials

Ronda Howard

President and GM of Medicaid Services

Matt Armstrong

Head of Corporate Development

Steven Filchock

Chief Technology Officer

Daria Cruzen

SVP of Finance

Greg Shorten

Chief Client Officer

Jeff Podraza

SVP Client Success

Mike Cameron

SVP Sales

Kyle Fischer

General Counsel

Our mission is to be our providers’ trusted partner to optimize otherwise challenging reimbursements

Our vision is to

Consistently demonstrate better client results
Utilize industry-leading innovation to drive order from chaos
Become a recognized thought leader for complex reimbursement
Create a coveted community that inspires our people to achieve their best
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Our six core values are

Think big, start small, move fast

We foster a working environment that promotes rapid experimentation and innovation.

Do the right thing

We always act from a basis of integrity for our clients, their patients, and our people.

Be your client

Fully empathize with our clients’ missions and consistently do what is best for them.

Help the patient

We have a responsibility to treat our clients’ patients with the same respect and caring as do they.

Choose responsibility

Enter situations with a belief you can help, a bias for resolution, and avoid a victim’s mindset.

Support each other

Accept accountability for and positively contribute to our community of support and respect for our fellow employees.

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