Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Management

Increase reimbursement and limit legal risk

A Focused MVA Process Equals Improved Revenue Performance

Due to their complexity, Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) claims demand a high level of expertise and resources to successfully investigate and enhance healthcare revenue reimbursement. That’s where Aspirion comes in.

Our tech-enabled, attorney-led approach effectively manages the complex, time-consuming, behind-the-scenes aspects of MVA claims. We not only recover accurate collections and correct insurance underpayments, but we also streamline revenue cycle management processes to improve the patient experience and effectively manage the ever-shifting workforce.

Aspirion's Services

Our Approach

Motor Vehicle Accident & Third-Party Liability Claims Recovery

How much revenue is your hospital leaving on the table?

Staff Education & Training

We educate and train your frontline staff to identify accounts and obtain accurate and timely information while delivering a positive patient experience.

MVA Account Investigation

We identify all possible payers for each account, including first-party automobile coverages (medical payments & personal injury protection), health insurance, and auto liability insurance.

Third-Party Liability & Lien Filings

We pursue third-party liability (TPL) in compliance with state statutes, as well as lien filings when necessarywe recognize hospital lien statutes vary widely from state to state.

Tech-Enabled Workflow

We utilize our proprietary claims management system, Compass, developed specifically for complex claims. This system integrates with claims databases and payer portals to create efficiencies that enable us to concentrate on increasing collections.

Dedicated Account Management

As our client, you’ll be supported by a dedicated client success manager who delivers tailored team support including implementation, ongoing training, strategic guidance, and performance reporting.

24-7 Performance Visibility

Our clients gain clear, actionable insights through our Aspirion Intelligence client portal, including 24-7 visibility into MVA claims volume, collections volume, as well as collection timeliness.

Experienced and Dedicated

Our MVA team is fluent in all state regulations, coordination requirements, fee schedules, and policy limitations ensuring MVA insurance compliance across all state mandates—both statutory and judicial.

Aspirion’s 100 percent US-based team includes:

attorneys/legal professionals


claims specialists

We absolutely adore Aspirion. When motor vehicle accident patients come in, they don’t always have the information, especially if they are not at fault. Aspirion can go and pull the police report and get all the information that we need. We don’t really have to do the legwork as far as motor vehicle accidents go.

Aspirion is awesome in their collection efforts. They don’t just throw their hands up and then send things back to us. The rate of curing accounts and the timeliness from our data discharge to when the payment comes in are good. We watch everything very closely to make sure that things aren’t sitting out there with no notes, no efforts, or no resolution.

Aspirion Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Client

Manager (Source: KLAS Research Client Commentary)

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