Motor Vehicle Accident Revenue Cycle Management Services

Motor Vehicle Accidents

MVA Program

Automobile accident patients commonly become classified as “self-pay” despite available automobile insurance policies that could pay 100% of billed charges. Even when other coverage is available, automobile insurance commonly should be primary and almost always pays rates higher than other alternatives.

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Our high level MVA practice includes:

  • Providers can electronically transmit suspected MVA claims upon admission
  • The Aspirion team investigates all potential coverage areas including first party automobile, medical payments, PIP, health insurance, auto liability insurance
  • Our staffed attorneys will file liens, if appropriate, and letters of protection (if lien prohibited)
  • If coverage is unavailable or has been exhausted, we provide verification to the provider so that claim can be filed with health insurance with proof that coordination of benefits has been attempted
  • If coverage is verified, we file the claim and follow up to ensure payment to the hospital