Workers’ Compensation Claims Management

Maximize revenue recovery for your most challenging accounts

Thorough Resolution of Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation claims are often underpaid or inappropriately denied. Most medical providers don’t have the specialized knowledge or resources to collect everything they are owed on these notoriously difficult and time-consuming claims.

But with Aspirion’s advanced technology and in-house clinical and legal support, you can expect optimal reimbursement on these challenging claims. Our success rate for workers’ compensation claims averages over 90%—demonstrating our expertise across all 50 states.

Aspirion's Services

Focused and Forward-looking

Our attorney supported workers’ compensation team is fluent in all state regulations, making us experts in maximizing and speeding time to collect while ensuring compliance.

Aspirion’s 100 percent US-based team includes:

attorneys/legal professionals


claims specialists

Our Approach

Workers’ Compensation Revenue Recovery

How much revenue is your hospital leaving on the table?

Staff Education & Training

We educate and train your staff by providing best practices to increase the knowledge, competencies and productivity of your team, including all approval processes of non-emergency claims.

Account Investigation

We investigate and determine the correct payer and/or additional insurance(s) that may exist while obtaining the necessary paperwork to submit clean claims.

Follow-up to Resolution

We aggressively follow up until the claim is resolved and paid, including coding support and in-house clinical and legal resources to represent the provider as a direct party to ensure payment, while pursuing penalties and interest when appropriate.

Tech-Enabled Workflow

We utilize our proprietary claims management system, Compass, developed specifically for complex claims. This system integrates with claims databases and payer portals to create efficiencies that enable us to concentrate on increasing collections.


Dedicated Account Management

As our client, you’ll be supported by a dedicated client success manager who delivers tailored team support including implementation, ongoing training, strategic guidance, and performance reporting.

24-7 Performance Visibility

Our clients gain clear, actionable insights through our Aspirion Intelligence client portal, including 24-7 visibility into workers’ compensation claims volume, collections volume, as well as collection timeliness.

For a couple of years now, we have been using Aspirion’s complex claims services for our VA and Workers’ Compensation claims. The firm specializes in those and does great work.

Our AR days have decreased since using their services, and that means money is coming back faster. The firm turns claims around very quickly, and they are knowledgeable and know what they are doing.

Aspirion Workers’ Compensation Services Client

Director (Source: KLAS Research Client Commentary)

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Find out how Aspirion’s Workers’ Compensation Claims Management maximizes revenue recovery for your most challenging accounts.

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