Underpayment Recovery

Reduce revenue lost to underpayments and identify contractual opportunities

Maximize Revenue from Underpaid Claims

Underpayments are tricky—they can wreak havoc on your bottom line and force you to devote your already stretched resources to finding, analyzing, and proving to the payer that your claims require payment.

Whether you’re tasked with complex managed care contracts—including carve-outs, multi-tiered procedure rates, implants, and others—or a high managed care volume, our proprietary technology modeling system enables us to provide premium support for all of your underpayment recovery needs.

Aspirion's Services

Tenacious and Meticulous

Our team of underpayment experts works tirelessly to collect every dollar earned. We analyze paid claims and correct underpayments, incorrect adjustments, and zero payments from third-party payers.

Aspirion’s 100 percent US-based team includes:

attorneys/legal professionals


claims specialists

Our Focus

Underpayment Recovery and Prevention

How much revenue is your hospital leaving on the table?


We sleuth out payer behavior to pinpoint the unseen factors driving underpayments. From contract analysis to coding audits, whatever the source we'll discover it.


Through our proprietary modeling system, we verify system-identified underpayments against payer contracts, EOB's, medical charts, etc. and follow up to resolve accounts—both adhering to appeals deadlines while ensuring payer contract accountability.


We provide extensive reporting, documentation, and critical feedback surrounding the why and where underpayments occur—revealing contract and process improvement opportunities so you can avoid future underpayment losses.

Our Approach

Specialized Expertise

Our highly-skilled team uncovers payment discrepancies based on the specific details of each contract and works alongside hospital teams to maintain a feed of reimbursement data to compare to individual contracts.

Flexible & Scalable

Whether support is needed the instant a payer denies a claim or anything subsequent, our support scales to your specific needs. And, with our contingency-based model we only get paid when you get paid.

Innovative Technology

The superior results we deliver are driven by our innovative artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and robot process automation (RPA) technologies that enable us to improve workflow process and time to resolution.

Tech-Enabled Workflow

Our team streamlines complex reimbursements using our cloud-based proprietary platform that helps decode trends into insights.

Dedicated Account Management

As our client, you’ll be supported by a dedicated client success manager who delivers tailored team support including implementation, ongoing training, strategic guidance, and performance reporting to help tighten contracts and resolve process issues.

24-7 Performance Visibility

Our clients gain clear, actionable insights through our Aspirion Intelligence client portal, including 24-7 visibility into claims volume, collections volume, as well as collection timeliness.

The Aspirion experience and expertise in revenue cycle under Managed Care contracts was invaluable for our team. They had a great deal more success on our Managed Care ‘zero balance’ accounts than any other vendor that we have ever used. 

The Aspirion contingency-based pricing showed the confidence they have in their work.

Aspirion Underpayment Recovery Services Client

VP of Revenue Cycle

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