Aspirion Intelligence Client Platform

A real-time window into complex revenue recovery performance


Performance Transparency in Real-Time

At Aspirion, we’re not afraid to show you how we’re doing. After all, what gets measured gets done.

Powered by our proprietary technology platform, Aspirion Intelligence delivers real-time performance insights 24/7 so you’ll always know how we’re performing.

Through its real-time visibility into complex claims volume, collections volume, and collection timeliness, you can better understand the forces shaping your complex RCM performance and act on that knowledge.

Monitor Key RCM Activities with Ease

With Aspirion Intelligence, leaders no longer have to wait for reports and worry about the report data being outdated. Through its simple and intuitive features, you can easily monitor key RCM activities to forecast reimbursement and enhance decision making by:

  • Understanding how much work we are doing for you
  • Pinpointing how much reimbursement we are collecting
  • Determining the time it takes to collect

If your current vendor can’t provide a real-time view into their performance, maybe what’s not getting measured isn’t getting done.

Accountability Powers Higher Performance

We believe accountability differentiates a winning team from an average one. By sharing our team’s performance through Aspirion Intelligence, we’re accountable to you—our client partner.

Our typical clients achieve a 1.5x-3.0x increase in collections. These results are proof that easy access to real-time data leads to better business decisions and elevates financial performance.

We hold ourselves accountable for the quality and timeliness of our work. In fact, we utilize the same Aspirion Intelligence technology to drive our own performance.