Aspirion Unveils Complex Claims Business Intelligence Platform

September 28, 2021
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The BI platform fuels performance transparency and financial accountability through consistent and scalable client-vendor engagement.

COLUMBUS, Ga.-September 28, 2021-(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aspirion, the leader in technology-enabled healthcare complex claims management, announced the release of its secure business intelligence client platform, Aspirion Intelligence, that delivers 24/7 visibility into complex claims revenue cycle performance.

Aspirion Intelligence is a cloud-based business intelligence platform that provides real-time revenue cycle performance insights seamlessly to Aspirion’s provider clients. Its proprietary technology is built on Microsoft Power BI for intuitive analyses without the need for technical support.

With Aspirion Intelligence, Aspirion clients have immediate, real-time access to their complex claims volume, collections volume, and collection timeliness. Clients can explore their complex claims performance through tailored, user-controlled visualizations that go beyond the typical canned snapshot views traditionally used in revenue cycle management.

“Our corner of the revenue cycle management industry has traditionally viewed its efforts as services. At Aspirion we are thinking differently and evolving by meaningfully integrating technology into our client-focused service offerings. We invest heavily in structured data, machine learning, and business intelligence which allows us to deliver uncommon results,” said Jason Erdell, Aspirion CEO. “Aspirion Intelligence provides clients a real-time window into our efforts and places the power to view our performance in the hands of our hospital clients. We utilize claims data to continually improve our resolution paths that enhance revenue cycle performance for our clients.”

About Aspirion

Aspirion helps hospitals and physicians recover otherwise lost claims revenue from motor vehicle accidents, workers’ compensation, the Veterans Administration and TRICARE as well as out-of-state Medicaid, Medicaid eligibility, underpayments, and denials. Aspirion’s experienced team of healthcare, legal, and technical professionals combined with industry-leading technology platforms help ensure that providers receive their Complex RCM revenue so that providers, hospitals, and their staff can focus on patient care.


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For over two decades, Aspirion has helped healthcare providers maximize their hospital revenue recovery by focusing on their most challenging reimbursements. Aspirion’s experienced team of healthcare, legal, and technical professionals combined with industry-leading technology platforms help ensure providers receive their most complex RCM revenue so that they can focus on patient care.

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