Aspirion Welcomes Greg Shorten as Chief Client Officer

by | Apr 28, 2020 | News

New role unifies company processes to further improve client success

In its continued mission to enhance its industry-leading complex revenue cycle management solutions, Aspirion has hired Greg Shorten for the newly created Chief Client Officer position. In this role, Shorten will lead Aspirion’s Client Success, Sales and Marketing Teams. Shorten’s priorities include continually improving client experience, translating client feedback into better processes/technology and increasing adoption among those who could benefit from Aspirion’s solutions.

“We are thrilled to attract a leader of Greg’s caliber,” says Aspirion CEO Jason Erdell. “From the moment we met, Greg understood our belief that U.S. providers deserve more from their complex RCM partners. He immediately grasped our focus on producing uncommon results through stronger leadership, tactical growth and process/technology investment.”

With more than 25 years of experience building and leading healthcare sales, marketing and account management teams, Shorten understands the importance of combining relationships, data and creativity to find innovative and pragmatic ways to support clients. “It was clear from my first conversation that Aspirion was different from other players in the RCM space,” Shorten says. “Healthcare organizations are increasingly challenged by today’s economy. Aspirion’s focus on developing novel, technology-supported approaches to collect clients’ most complicated revenue—through collaboration with their own RCM teams—creates a partnership-driven approach capable of unlocking benefits no organization could realize on its own.”

“We are entering an unprecedented economic chapter not only in U.S. healthcare, but in the entire world,” says Erdell. “Those willing to make investments in the face of uncertainty and adapt to the changing environment will ultimately find new approaches that will deliver previously unattainable results. Greg is one of our investments; he, I, and the rest of our team will continue to make many more moving forward.” To learn more about Aspirion, visit

Aquiline Capital Partners, a private equity firm based in New York and London, invested in Aspirion Health Resources in May 2018 with the vision of building a national platform to help healthcare providers with more challenging claim types. Aspirion’s combination with HRS ERASE continues this platform strategy and reflects Aquiline’s commitment to invest in other expansion opportunities going forward.

About Aspirion

Aspirion helps hospitals and physicians recover otherwise lost claims revenue from motor vehicle accidents, workers compensation, the Veteran’s Administration, and Tricare as well as out-of-state Medicaid, Medicaid eligibility, underpayments and denials. Aspirion’s experienced team of healthcare, legal, and technical professionals combined with industry-leading technology platforms help ensure that providers receive their Complex RCM revenue so that providers, hospitals, and their staff can focus on patient care.