Motor Vehicle Accident

Medical Center doubles revenue by maximizing Motor Vehicle Accident claims

At a Glance


  • Lack of communication and limited patient access training
  • 3-year revenue recovery plateau


  • Pursuance of first-party insurance coverage via the tracking down of complex payments, thereby leading to faster reimbursement
  • Aspirion provided unlimited patient access training to the hospital
  • Educated staff on best practices to identify and manage MVA claims


  • 144% increase in MVA collections in 3 years
  • 196% increase in MVA placements in 3 years
  • 37% increase in collections in the first year with Aspirion
Increase in MVA Collections in 3 Years
Increase in MVA Placements in 3 Years

About the Hospital

This nonprofit hospital is situated in Georgia and has been a cornerstone in its community and neighboring areas for decades. Boasting over 100 beds and a workforce exceeding 1,000, this short-term acute-care hospital provides top-notch, patient-centered care. Services include 24-hour emergency care and a comprehensive range of primary medical, surgical, and diagnostic services.
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“Aspirion can convert things to cash that would normally be held up on our A/R. The firm is contracted with us to resolve motor vehicle accident (MVA) claims, and they do that well. When it comes to the legal aspect of those MVA claims, the firm has a scope of knowledge and Resources that we don’t have here. They are doing very well with that line of business.”

 – Director, Relationship Services

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