Out of State Medicaid

Billing requirements can vary significantly from state to state.

  • Requirements change frequently and are difficult to manage
  • Most facilities do not try to pursue

Credentialing for each state is necessary for both the facility and the providers.

  • Re-credentialing is necessary with varying timelines
  • Rules are different for each state

Complicated process results in delays in reimbursement.

Solution Highlights

Aspirion provides a comprehensive solution specific for each client that utilizes state-by-state billing expertise and proactively manages provider credentialing details to maximize timely reimbursements.

  • Identify Managed Care
  • Comprehensive Facility and Physician credentialing
  • Schedule re-validation to avoid lapses in coverage
  • Scheduled re-validation to avoid lapses in coverage
  • Timely billing and follow up processes for fast reimbursements and shorter A/R cycle
  • Leverage electronic claim submissions
  • Custom reporting of applications, enrollment list, credentialing status, etc.