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Navigating the complex landscape of denied claims is no small feat

With two decades of denials resolution and prevention experience, we understand the challenges you are facing.

Today’s surge in denials is causing prolonged collection cycles, more days in accounts receivable, reduced overall cash collections, and increased bad debt expenses—especially acute for high-dollar claims that require meticulous clinical documentation like diagnosis-related group (DRG) downgrades.

You don’t know, what you don’t know.

Let us help identify where your gaps are and we’ll design a tailored denials resolution and prevention program to help you capture the revenue you are due. Sign up for your complimentary assessment today.

Got Denials

End-to-End Denials Management Support

Our holistic approach addresses all denials, expertly tailored to overturn even the most nuanced high-dollar clinical denials. Based on denial complexity and payer type, we strategically deploy our specialized team of clinicians, attorneys & legal professionals, and coding and claims specialists to maximize your revenue potential while preventing future denials. Utilizing the latest AI and ML capabilities, our proprietary technology is finely tuned to each payer type, boosting efficiency to accelerate resolution and minimize your overall collection costs.

Specialized Resource

Our team of highly-skilled legal, clinical, and coding & claims professionals has an in-depth knowledge of federal and state regulations, requirements, case law, and clinical interpretations. This expertise is applied to support all types of complex denials, ranging from Day 1 to safety net to discretionary programs.

Implementation Excellence

Our seamless prescriptive implementation approach is uniquely tailored to your needs. Comprehensive testing ensures the highest quality across each step of the implementation process, including dedicated owners for every task and an implementation manager who oversees the entire project.

Strategic Support

Based on root cause analysis, we provide your revenue cycle management teams and payers with data-driven insights into payer denial trends including actionable strategies to improve processes, mitigate denials, and optimize revenue.

Optimize RCM Processes

Unlike other organizations that are thinking about the use of AI/ML in RCM, we have deployed models and technologies today to combat payer payment integrity technologies in use. Utilizing the latest AI and ML capabilities, our proprietary technology is finely tuned to each payer type, boosting efficiency to accelerate resolution and minimizing the overall collection costs.

For over two decades, Aspirion has helped healthcare providers maximize their hospital revenue recovery by focusing on their most challenging reimbursements resulting in $6B+ in client recoveries.

We have an incredible rate with Aspirion. The firm definitely doesn’t nickel-and-dime us for anything. The rate is simply the percentage that I have negotiated. Aspirion’s rate is the best and lowest percentage rate of all of our other vendors.

Aspirion has done an incredible job for us. If the firm were to ask to use me as a reference, I certainly would be happy to do that for them. I could not say a bad thing about Aspirion.

Aspirion Denials Management Client

VP/Other Executive (Source: KLAS Research Client Commentary)

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Aspirion is proud to be named 2024 Best in KLAS for Denials Management Services.

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