Veterans Affairs and TRICARE Revenue Cycle Management Services

Veterans Admin / TRICARE


  • Currently, over 6 million (two-thirds of all) veterans are actively receiving treatment. Recent changes in legislation and increasing volumes of service discharges are substantially increasing the volume of veterans traffic to non-VA providers.
  • The VA claims process is reliably tedious, time intensive, and complicated. Coupled with commonly low reimbursement rates, providers find it difficult and cost-prohibitive to adequately pursue these reimbursements
  • Aspirion’s Patient Access training helps eliminate eligibility-related denials and improves patient experience for our veterans
  • Tricare claims share many of the same complications as VA claims, and rules and regulations continue to evolve/change
  • Our Aspirion VA/Tricare team has experience and expertise to manage the billing and collections of this difficult RCM segment

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